Tea 茶

Roleaf is a lifestyle concept that transcends age, gender, ethnic, racial and social groups. Simple, essential yet universal, Roleaf is about nurturing physical, mental and emotional well-being, providing teas befitting a tasteful manner of living. Roleaf is always aspiring to excellence in quality. Roleaf relentlessly pursues to obtain nature’s finest produce globally and to make it attainable to all. Roleaf provides people who desire a good lifestyle with affordable and quality teas for them to be well and healthy. Botanist Cafe offers different varieties of premium tea to match your preference.




Delicate and pretty small dried rose flower buds, fragrant and aromatic. It is said that rose tea has a higher level of Vitamin C compared to fresh fruits like oranges and grapefruits. And being caffeine free, French Rose is one of the favourite of the health-conscious.








Chamomile is a herb renowned in folk and traditional medicine for its health, cosmetic and nutritional benefits. A soothing blend for relaxation that takes away anxious, stressed or depressed feelings.






Dragon pearl jasmine is beautiful hand-rolled pearls of young green tea leaves scented with fresh jasmine flowers. Every pearl has a rich and floral aroma with a pleasurable and delightful flavor. Delicately beautiful, the pearls have been commonly used as a gift of love.






Pu-Erh tea is a variety of fermented dark tea produced in Yunnan province. The two main classifications of Pu-Erh are green and dark, or oxidized Pu-Erh. The ‘tuo cha’, meaning compressed Pu-Erh, was developed in early China trade because the teas were bulky and hard to transport. Tea was compressed to compact the leaf reducing the size of the loads for long journeys. Studies have shown that Pu-Erh tea can help lose weight when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.





Also called tea olive, fragrant olive or sweet olive, osmanthus has a long history of ornamental and medicinal uses. Osmanthus played a role in traditional Chinese wedding ceremonies as a symbol of love and romance. A poet named Song Xhi Wen from the Tang Dynasty quoted “sweet-scented osmanthus seeds fell on the Moon as its fragrance in the sky was wafted through the clouds”.






English Breakfast is a traditional blend of teas originating from Assam, Ceylon and Kenya. The simple black tea without added herbs or other ingredients makes it a great choice for everyday drinking.







Chrysanthemum tea is a flower-based infusion beverage made from chrysanthemum flowers. Gentle, sweet taste and elegant aroma. A ‘cooling’ agent and contain detoxification properties.







Harvested from shade-grown tea leaves which are high in chlorophyll levels, Matcha has a complex and rich taste with smooth finishing. Highly recommended for its tremendous health benefits.